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Thread: Germany tells the US to back-off Iran

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    Germany tells the US to back-off Iran

    German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has warned the US to back away from the possibility of military action against Iran over its nuclear programme.

    His comments come a day after President Bush reiterated that force remained an option but only as a last resort
    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Germany attacks US on Iran threat

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    Germany has always been big at telling others what they should do ..............

    They accused Poland of getting 'too big for themselves' when they [Poland] sent 200 special forces bomb disposal personnel to Iraq ...........

    It's a hell of a different world out there .........

    The worlds best rapper is white
    The worlds best golfer is black
    The French accusing America of being 'arrogant'
    The Germans NOT wanting to send troops to a war .....................
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    Gerhard Schroeder is a tosser,

    It is quite feasible to bomb out a nuclear weapons plant without causing much more than some local radiation problems. It has been done before.

    He opens his gobshite mouth for the benefit of his election campaign, he knows that the USA treat him and his party with the contempt that they deserve.

    Europe with Blair, Schroeder and Chirac?

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    I was reading some comentary in a german newspapers the other day about the elections. Interesting bit, lets see you have social democrats running against social democrats and conservative democrats. Is there what we call a "Right Wing" anywhere at all in Europe anymore?
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