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    Looking for three Security professionals

    Came across this and figured it might have some interest here...

    Among the openings at Corillian, we're looking for three employees to work in our Security department, focused on development and support of our commercial security software products. These positions are at our Portland, Oregon area location. The people filling these positions will be getting in early in the process of developing and selling the next generation of a truly cool and innovative software application. Maybe, just maybe you're the person we're looking for? Here are the positions I'm talking about:

    * Security Software Engineers - two positions - mature OO programmers (.NET's a plus) with solid n-tier app experience
    * Security Sales Engineer - works in concert with sales execs to meet pre- and post-sales technical and support needs

    While I can't go into the specific software applications here on the blog (if you interview, we'll talk more), let's just say if you think security is important and cool, you'll enjoy working on this stuff.

    Looking For Two Awesome Software Engineers & Technical Sales Engineer (Job Hunting)

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    Must be willing to work under psuedonyms.

    Curly (alternatively, Shemp would be allowed, but not nearly as good as Curly).
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    Hi zencoder,

    So..what happened to the link ? It seems to have disappeared. Was the site hacked? They took down the ad because they filled the vacancies? Or was it just a gag?

    and even though I liked The Three Stooges as a kid...I prefered Laurel and Hardy and the ' Who's on First ' duo Bud and Lou


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    Well...I managed to find the source of employment to the link above and there are 11 vacancies in total...

    Job Opportunities

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