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Thread: user+computer+drive=bad

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    I've come to the conclusion that there is no way to give have a safe password, no matter what they can run lopht or something else to get it, if they're lucky they can even take the files with them. they can email, ftp, physically carry, bring the source, ect... of any program they want. How do I stop this?

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    That all depends on what OS you have, what policies are currently in place, and how secure the passwords are. Usually longer, more complicated passwords containing special characters are harder to crack. It takes a long time to crack a good password, even with todays computing power.

    And remember: No box will ever be completely safe, so you just try your damndest to keep it as secure and up to date as possible.

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    As heinouskyle has correctly observed, a lot depends on your operating system. The NT base family have quite a few security features, the 9x does not.

    You need to consider physical security as well?

    We could probably make some more helpful suggestions if you described a more detailed scenario of physical environment, hardware, operating system and software?

    What exactly are you trying to protect?

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