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    AntivirusGold - anyone?

    Can´t get "AntivirusGold" out of my computer. Have tried Ad-Aware, MS AntiSpyware and Search&Destroy. They will find it but can not remowe it. Help me please!

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    Have no experience with this in particular that I can remember, but a quick google search found

    Computer Associates Spyware Information Center AntivirusGold

    bleepingcomputer.com How to remove Antivirus Gold or AVGold, Self-Help Guide


    BTW, did you try running those in safe mode?
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    Odd... can you find out what particular site you hit that got your system hit by this?

    Could you tell us if you had any firewall up when you got hit by this?

    Did you find any info any on script executed immediately prior to this presence?

    Finally, how does this antivirusgold behaves? I checked the google links but couldn't fully appreciate its capability or how it really behaves in such a manner that is inimical to the infected system.

    BTW, it looks like it is aimed toward thwarting AVG, given the Computer Associates's advisory on "killing" avg.exe in the task manager.

    Hello all, is this an anti-AVG germ?
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    here is something that tells how it behaves:

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    The bleepingcomputer link will be your best bet. Grinler put together a good guide. Antivirus Gold also goes by smitfraud....

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    My parents encounterd this not long ago, I couldnt be arsed fixing it over the phone, plus it was relativly new any how. Just told em to format best thing for it!!
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    Too bad you went for the reformat.. it's actually a relatively simple registry fix. I hate it when that happens.

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    The Bleepingcompiter instructions were very effective in removing AVgold but I recomment Spyware blaster or something like that to protect from further infection
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