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Thread: [Delphi] Read from/Write to an USB device.

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    [Delphi] Read from/Write to an USB device.

    Okay, a simple question, but probably a tough answer. I am using Delphi as programming language, simply because it's a powerful language yet easy to learn. So I appreciate it if any example code is written in Delphi. (Although other languages are okay too.) The platform is Windows 2000...

    Me and my (4) housemates have decided to install a small phone system so each of us will have their own phoneline. Makes it easier for people to call just one of us. A friend of mine gave us an old TDA15 from Panasonic to use with 5 KX-T7633 phones. (The company he owns upgraded their hardware.) It installed nicely and works nicely too.

    However, I want to do more with it! I noticed that I can connect one of those KX-T7633 to the USB port of my computer. And I know it uses something called CSTA to communicate. Now, it seems real fun for me if I could at least send some commands to this phone through the USB port. Just as a simple experiment. Problem is, where to start?

    This is purely for scientific and self-study purposes. The method doesn't have to be fast, it just has to work. And I'll be doing most of it myself anyways. Am just wondering how to use CSTA from Delphi but that's the next step. For now, all I want to do is send and receive data to and from this device.

    (And no, I will not use TAPI. That's no fun... This is a challenge for me, that's all.)

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    I read this post a few days ago. I was waiting for someone who knows more than myself to answer. But nobody has bitten. So here I go.

    I know almost nothing about this. I think you need a driver, of course this isn't one that Windows would come with.

    You Could Try
    1. google: "Windows XP CSTA Driver" (Good luck!)
    2. If you find a driver, then look for its API. (GOOD LUCK!!!)
    3. look for the whitepapers(ECMA, ISO, whatever) for the standard.

    I was hoping someone who really knew about this kind of stuff would answer, so I could piggyback the lesson.
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    Well, thanks but I didn't want to bump up this question by mentioning that I've found a solution already. I discovered a library for this device that allows me to communicate with it and this DLL actually handles the communication over USB for me. Right now, I can already tell the phone to make a call, disconnect it and a few other things. Just have to find a better library for all this CSTA-stuff, though. What I have now is just C++ code and I prefer to write my code in Delphi.

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