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    while surfing i came across this new lovegate virus@MM (mass mailing) at my pc though the antivirus is able to detect it but is unable to repair it,it directly attacks at c:\docs. and settings & it's subfolders. i surf the microsoft site but nothing concreate nor it's patches are there.they have written that it is a new type of virus which even the hackers are not able to crack.it spread on friday.

    if any update found inform.

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    Of course Microsoft ain't got it.

    Google it and find a removal or try pchell.com

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    i googled it
    and some site recommended Bullguard Antivirus.
    Dont know whats so special about Bullguard, but that's what i found.

    Anyway, Bullguard lets you download and try it free:

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    The threat is over a year old...March 2004 to be precise...


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    symantec has a removal tool for this:


    are you not keeping your virus sigs up to date?
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