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Thread: Cannot Install Windows Installer 3.1

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    Cannot Install Windows Installer 3.1

    Windows 2000 Adv. Server

    This is seriously annoying.

    Trying to update to latest patches, but the "new and improved" Windows Update website is requiring me to download and install Windows Installer 3.1. It downloads, begins to install, then gives me this error:

    The following updates were not installed: Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1
    That's it. No explanation, just that it failed. It advises me to check installation logs, but the log has no entry on this install failure.

    So, I have no clue what the deal is. However, I can't update patches until I figure it out. Yay Microsoft.

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    Support for security patches and updates is free from MS...

    Being a server and sounding critical...

    I would contact them

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    Issue that is addressed in Windows Installer 3.1 (v2)

    Windows Installer no longer fails silently when the installer tries to update a file that is protected by the Windows File Protection feature.
    Did you try v2 ?


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    This is odd. I can't download any updates going through the typical Windows Update method (I keep getting the same installation failure on each one, and none of them show up in logs), so I'm having to download every single little patch one at a time and install it manually.

    What in the world could cause that?

    SUCKS that it's just a BIT time consuming...

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    Ok, I have an actual clue now.

    I tried doing a Windows repair to see if that would help matters, but no such luck, so now I'm downloading to disk each little update individually and installing manually. But alas, that still results in errors! They do install, but not without this error appearing first:

    The procedure entry point NtUnloadKeyEx could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll.
    Tried looking up that phrase on Google, no luck.

    Any idea what that's all about? I'm presuming that holds the key as to why these updates are all goofy?

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    A thought on this.. "Disabled Services" .. As a lock down an admin may have disabled certain services.. or some program that is installed may have its own service running that is either preventing the installers from runniig or preventing the update manager writting to its log..
    Looking at that last error.. you may need to see if ntdll.dll is not corrupt..

    The normal location of this file is C:\windows\system32\ntdll.dll
    I would try to restore it from the system CD or download from:

    or simply run SFC (system File Checker)
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    If the driver was simply corrupt, wouldn't the Windows repair have fixed that?

    As it is, I can't find a way to replace the dll file. Even in safe mode, I get the "file is already in use" error, so it won't allow me to modifty it. If you can't even do it in safe mode, I don't know how you can do it.

    Other than AV, there's not really anything on this server that's third party, it's simply a Windows domain controller. So no such services should be disabled, nor third party software to interfere with it.

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    Hi AK,

    The only information I've been able to obtain is that it seems to be an issue when you install XP over 2000...a licencing issue...
    I am trying to install Win XP Home (which came with my
    Dell laptop) to my desktop over Win 2000. There is a
    message after autorun: "Winnt32.exe - Entry Point Not
    Found. The procedure entry point NtUnloadKeyEx could not
    be located in the dynamic link library
    All consumer Microsoft operating systems are licensed for only one
    If you want Windows XP on the second computer, you need to buy another
    It is not relevant if the computer is networked or not, used in home,
    business or school.

    Windows XP Home is OEM if it came with the Dell laptop.
    OEM is normally permanently tied to the first computer installed and
    can not be transferred regardless of the condition of the first
    It is also probably locked to the BIOS of the original computer.
    This is probably the cause of the error.
    Another of the many reasons you paid less for your OEM than I paid for
    my retail Windows XP.
    Problem with Installing Win XP Home Ed over Win 2000


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    The following updates were not installed: Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1
    Don't know if this applies or not, however I had the very same error while trying to install MS Windows Installer. I wasn't using IE. I was trying to use FireFox. As soon as I switched to IE the download and the installer worked as designed.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Hi Relyt,

    How significant is this update...so far I've held off downloading it because of being on dial-up it's like a 2 hour+ download if I remember correctly...it's the only thing I haven't downloaded off update.

    It's not a ' critical ' update...so...what's it's significance?


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