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Thread: ok could u plz help me

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    Exclamation ok could u plz help me

    I have a dell inspiron 1150 pentium mobile P4 2.8 Ghz 512 RAM
    intel extreme graphics 2 82852\82855 graphics controller
    pheonix ROM BIOS PLUS version 1.10 A6

    I have a windows XP - home version installed on it

    i recently experienced a crash and the following error msg appeard on a blue screen

    (i wrote down only the points)

    1) check disk space
    2) disable the driver if it is giving error or try changing the adapters

    3)check for bios updates

    4) disable caching or shadowing

    stop 0X 0000008E 0X 00000005
    0X EFEE0D57 0X EF728B8C
    0X 00000000

    the file windrvNT.sys was then mentioned
    and then the following line :-
    DATE STAMP 0X 409F405C

    Then it mentioned it had made a physical memory dump

    thats about it could u guys plz help me
    ps: dont flame me telling me to switch to linux i use it its good but there are sometihngs in my college that i can only access using windows [:-(]
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    So when you rebooted the laptop wouldnt boot up at all ? Did you get the Blue screen again, or did you just get it once, usualy when i get a memory dump screen, it just reboots and everythings ok....

    Are you running folderlock vuz i just found this on windrvNT.sys ...

    The file "windrvNT.sys" is a file which is created when a program I own,Folderlock is run.And now for some reason whenever I run spybot I get a BSOD approximately between the 7200-8000 mark in the scan.
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    Are you able to boot to windows at all??

    I would ensure you have the latest drivers from Dell...

    If not...is the machine still under warranty??

    Edit> Just found something on Google
    Are you running folder lock?

    Boot into safe mode and remove

    Edit #2> Looks like we was postin and googlin at the same time
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    thanx ppl

    yea i had folder lock but i havent used it for over a month
    I mean this machine was a gift and the blue screen thing
    well its pretty scary my worst night mare come to life

    yea i could boot but the system had flippped it was displaying in 256 color mode
    mine doesnt even give me that option ussually that also freaked me out

    well thanks again I mean I was so scared i just couldnt sleep
    and ended up sleeping in lectures [:-(]

    as for folder lock I removed it so far so good no blue screen as yet
    by the way what exactly had happned if you could let me know that would help
    alot plus I would gain somthing of the expereince (other than bad grades)
    anything that doesn\'t kill you or your dreams only makes you stronger

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