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Thread: Problems?

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    Question: why should I kill Adobe Acrobat? I actually use that to send and receive large documents to-and-from work, and don't understand why I should get rid of it?
    By "kill it" I mean don't have it as an automatically starting program. You don't need it and it is one of those apps that likes to contact the internet for updates etc. You don't need it running all the time..........if you double click on a .pdf file your file associations will do the rest.

    I have seen problems where v6.0 has terminated the internet connection, so some sort of conflict is possible in certain circumstances.

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    Since you mentioned it's only when your son is on-line ... is he playing any on-line games or downloading music? My nephews were notorious for playing the on-line games/music and somehow ended up getting viruses on their dad's computer.
    Right on the head! He plays some of those online combat games with folks around the world...and his whole reason for having the computer besides that is his music. He composes and plays (piano, guitar, mandolin) and has been spending a lot of time in a recording studio lately, trying to get a CD ready. He's got programs for writing his own music, but he is also downloading musinc and other stuff.

    He can't get out and do much, has to deal with constant pain (and a father who gets a little p***ed when his own computer starts acting up again), so his computer is important to his recovery, and perhaps his future.

    I may have gone overboard with the adware/spyware/malware/virus/firewall stuff when I had a serious problem last year...but all was well until just recently, when my son came back with us again, and started using my computer again!

    I'll take a look at all the suggestions...and thanks!

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