Got a letter through from Sapphire (, we're customers of them, for a one day forensics experience seminar. They are going to demonstrate forensics tech being used by police forces and showing recovery for lots of file types and media. They are also going to discuss best practivce for evidence collection. The demos are being carried out on live data rather than ppt.

The seminars are running in Stirling 20-22nd September and location in North and South England in November.

Seminars are free but they are charging 25+vat for room hire, lunch and coffee.
Not a lot really and the Sapphire guys should be good.

Might be a good introduction for those of use who may not actively use forensics but would like to know more.

Don't know if this is invitation only or what but if it interests you have a pop at getting in, nothing ventured nothing gained. I would guess you would have to go as a member of a legitimate company not Skiddie L33t Ltd.

The number for the Sapphire Events team is 01642 702100.

I'll post the agenda when I get it if anyone is interested.