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Thread: Contract Pay - How much to ask for??

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    Contract Pay - How much to ask for??

    A company wants to hire me for per incident IT support.
    They just fired the previous person. I have a full time job, but am able to leave anytime (minus emergencies) to do per incident support.

    Any takes on how much I should charge? Per incident, per hour?
    and then how much per hour??

    Thanks in advance,


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    depends on the incident, your credentials, years of experience, your quality of work.

    Look online at Sologig and guru.com. They have contractors that do per incident work. There are other sites too.

    Be competitive but dont underprice your work.
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    A fair bit will depend on where you live

    Also what the employer does and what level of support you are expected to provide?

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    The company is a real estate company in Southern California, I have four years of experience doing Network/System Administration..

    Kthln01 -Thanks for the websites. I'll check them out.
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    Try starting with something fairly high ........

    If they don't go 'GULP'

    THEN you say that's without tax
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    per incident

    My email doesnt work= 1 incident

    I cant connect to the internet= 1 incident

    The server crashed= 1 incident???

    MS charges 245.00 per incident...til its resolved

    I guess you could break it out...app, ws, server issues????

    I charge by the hour.....

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    Getting paid per incident might be less rewarding than just getting paid per hour. Especially when you fail to solve the incident and need some additional help to solve it.

    Also, what if there are no incidents for about two months? What will you do in that case? If they don't need your services and thus won't pay you either. Don't bet everything on a single horse. Keep your current job if possible. Start working less hours if need be. Or just let them hire you as a regular employee with all the employee benefits. (And ask twice of what you're earning now, at least. )

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