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Thread: Sad News...

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    Unhappy Sad News...

    It is with a heavy heart I inform you of the passing of my best friend and fellow AOer, jcmcb.

    You older members (read:those who have been around AO for a while) will probably remember him. He is the man who actually introduced me to AO.

    He passed away last wednesday from Hyponatremia, a condition commonly referred to as "Water Intoxication." This condiction results when you ingest too much water, and your sodium and electrolytes become all but depleted. After completing a 12 mile bike-ride at an MPDC training course, he collapsed, and later passed on.

    Please see the Washington Post from 8/11/05...

    He will be missed.

    Godspeed, my friend.
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    Hi 11001001,

    Sorry to hear about your friend...



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    OMG! I just read about that over at Bike Forums. A sad day indeed.
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    11001001: I'm sorry about your friend and his untimely departure. Even though I didn't know him, he will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    aww im sorry to hear that! i didnt know him personally but i did read alot of his post etc and that really sucks he is gone...
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    I'm stunned, and very sorry. I remember him. He will be missed. I'm so sorry this happened during your training, I know how much you were looking forward to it.
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    Geez thats really awful. My condolences on the loss of your friend and to his family.

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