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Thread: POP3 risks

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    POP3 risks

    my co. has practiced disallowing POP3 communications to internet from long time back.Now a staff is seconded to my co. and wants to access her email which is in the internet and using POP3.I do not feel comfortable opening POP3 in my firewall (as we have not been using POP3) so i suggest her using our own email facilities.
    What are some risks or things i should take note in this case if i were to open POP3 for her in my firewall?
    By the way, we do not really indicate in our policies that we cannot use POP3 for email comms...

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    If your company has a policy of not allowing POP3 access then she would be breaking that policy to demand access.

    What would be sensible (to cover your own ass) is to ask her to get written authorisation from her line manager to allow her access to pop3 and that the line manager is accepting ownership of the risk from that.

    That way you have paperwork to cover your ass and should the worst happen they have ownership of the risk and it's their head on the block.

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    Silly question - but sometimes they are valid......

    When you disallow POP3 are you talking ingress or egress. If you aren't blocking egress then she can get her mail when she wants without you opening the port, (it's already open). If you are in fact blocking egress have her set her account to forward her mail to an account on your system.
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    Is this corporate e-mail (business related)? if so, what is it doing on an internet based POP3 server?

    I would open an account on your system and tell her to forward her mail to it. If it doesn't have that facility it should at least have "on holiday/out of office"..............just put the new address in that message

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