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Thread: windows xp cd

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    windows xp cd

    i didnt get windows xp cd so i was wondering would it be possible for me to make my own windows xp cd?If it is can someone please tel me what is it exactly that i have to burn so that it would be the same as the real thing, and so i can install windows xp on any pc?

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    LOL, from the file you have on your computer ? I don't think you can do that. You could download a cracked version.
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    The machine you "didn't" get an XP CD with, didn't happen to be an HP did it? They recently got sued over this and are now offering XP CD's to the people who bought those systems.

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    Well...you can copy a friends cd...cause you have the key on the side of the box...right?

    Just make sure you get the same version...or else your key wont work

    Or you can contact MS for a replacement cd.....I think it cost about 16.00 (cdn)

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