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Thread: GNUpgp?GNUpg?GPG?

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    Question GNUpgp?GNUpg?GPG?

    I'm very confuse with the difference of GNUpgp, GNUpg and GPG~!?!?!?!

    Wiki just showing GNUpg but not GNUpgp or GPG~~ are they the same or different?

    Google even suggestion my string to be 'GNUPG', when i tried to search the word of 'GNUPGP'~~

    I'm looking for info regard to GNUpgp~ does it exist? does it just mean of GNU liciense of PGP~?
    Anything related to pgpi?

    Sorry by asking those stupid question~~ hope some1 could help me to differenciate and provide more info regarding on GNUpgp~

    Many thanks~

    Good day~
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    There is no such thing as GNUpgp..

    There is however the GNU Privacy Guard (GNUPG or GPG): http://www.gnupg.org/

    Which is in fact a free replacemenet for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)..
    PGPi is the international homepage for pgp, which has something to do with weird crypto export rules in the USA..

    Hope that helps..
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