I wrote an entry over at my site about this but figured I'd post it here too and see if anyone here has the answer. I'll quote what I wrote there

Gauge and I have been trying to lock down a problem with centerICQ connecting to AOL. From what I can tell centerICQ connects using a protocol known as TOC, which is a simpler protocol that AOL introduced for its Java-based ďAIM ExpressĒ AIM client. I have a feeling that most other AIM clients use the OSCAR protocol and that the TOC protocol just recently changed. Iíve tried setting it to connect on other ports as supposedly the servers listen on many but there is no change. I also tried using the login.oscar.aol.com server and this immediately drops the connection. Does anyone have any info or other ideas?
Seems centericq just as of a few days ago won't connect to AIM anymore. Does anyone know much about the TOC protocol or use another AIM client and know what protocol it connects with?