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Thread: SHA-1 compromised further

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    SHA-1 compromised further

    Crypto researchers have discovered a new, much faster, attack against the widely-used SHA-1 hashing algorithm. Xiaoyun Wang, one of the team of Chinese cryptographers that demonstrated earlier attacks against SHA-0 and SHA-1, along with Andrew Yao and Frances Yao, have discovered a way to produce a collision in SHA-1 over just 2^63 hash operations compared to 2^69 hash operations previously. A brute force attack should take 2^80 operations.



    EDIT: oops. Fixed.
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    Hey Hey,

    For people that just glance and don't the article that's 2^63, 2^69 and 2^80... I looked at it at first and was like wtf.. that seems a little quick... Also the difference between 263 and 269 isn't much but between 2^63 and 2^69 is huge.

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