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Thread: poll: which firewall distro u use?

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    poll: which firewall distro you use?

    Hi all, folks i am curious about the firewall distro you use either at your work or at home. I will like to know about the following questions,
    - Are you running any type of proxies on it (squid, dns, pop, smtp and ftp proxy)?
    - Is this possible to port forward (from local to internet)?
    - Can you use your firewall as nat router?
    - Why you choose this distro instead of any other?
    - How much easily you can configure it?
    - Support for VPN?
    any other strong point which forced you to use the distro??

    If the distro you are using is not listed here you can mention it.


    Waiting to here some good points.

    (Edited: to change 'u' to 'you' and 'ur' to 'your')
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    First off, www.webster.com

    U need 2 clean up ur akt. That is pathetic. You look like a skiddie wannabe who is too ignorant to make a clearly communicated request.

    Second...what do you mean by 'distro'? As in, distribution? As in, linux embedded distribution? These all look like open source, GPL'd types of firewall app's. I am not certain, but if I'm right that's not much of a definitive list. Where's the CISCO, Check Point, NetScreen, Juniper, and Sonic Wall firewalls? Are you asking for software firewalls only? Open source software firewalls only? Open source GPL and blessed by his holy grace ERS software firewalls only?
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    Have IPcop, but havent tested/played with it enough to deploy anywhere..
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    what zencoder said.

    but to answer some questions.

    Work = Nokia CheckPoint FW1 NG w/AI

    Home = smoothwall

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    Home: Computers -> Router (nat) -> Smoothwall -> DSL Modem -> Internet

    Been rigged this way for two years and am quite pleased. And just for shitz and grins, Sygate on the Computers.

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    Work: Sidewinder G2
    - Yes, it runs proxies for all of our services.
    - Yes, it is possible to port forward
    - Yes, it can be perform NAT duties
    - Because it offers the required level of assurance for our needs and featured the best fitting ROSI.
    - We were able to easily configure it to meet our needs, not sure what you mean beyond that
    - Yes, it supports VPN
    - It is the fighest assurance firewall appliance on the market

    Home: None
    - Yes, it can run proxies
    - Yes, it can port forward
    - Yes, it can perform NAT duties
    - Because it met my needs most exactly
    - Yes, it was very easy to configure
    - Yes, it supports VPN
    - Again, because it met my needs most exatly



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    Currently using Bastille
    Edit: using firestarter, forgot it was there... hehe
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    Oh Bastille... (which isn't a firewall by the way, it is a suite of OS hardening/reporting tools)




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    IPcop for me, but if you make your own, Catch is right on, bastille is a great set of scripts to point you in the right direction, then try firewall-builder on top and lock it down.

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