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Thread: poll: which firewall distro u use?

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    I am currently trying out Trustix...seems fairly easy to setup and use.
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    catch, the machine LSD hacked was a preconfigured system (ED: The diffrenence was this was x86 Solaris) they used to sell. Pitbull is a line of products not one. Quit being hellbent stubborn and take your own advice, go learn something about it.



    "Everything changed for Argus in April, 2001 with their fifth Hacker Challenge, organized in association with security consulting firm Integralis and hardware vendor Fujitsu Siemens, and timed to coincide with the Infosecurity Europe conference in London. The competition revolved around Argus' then-undefeated Pitbull Secure Web Appliance, a machine running sophisticated security enhancements to the Unix kernel built on the "trusted operating system" model cherished by the Pentagon."


    Argus Systems Group Develops Cost-Shattering Secure PitBull Appliance

    "We provide software that converts Unix-based operating systems into Trusted Operating Systems. For example, we offer a product for the AIX operating system from IBM and a similar product for the Solaris operating system from Sun Microcomputers. We also have products for many Linux-based server systems."


    \"If computers are to become smart enough to design their own successors, initiating a process that will lead to God-like omniscience after a number of ever swifter passages from one generation of computers to the next, someone is going to have to write the software that gets the process going, and humans have given absolutely no evidence of being able to write such software.\" -Jaron Lanier

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    catch, the machine LSD hacked was a preconfigured system they used to sell.
    No, it wasn't. External users had the ability to create new system accounts (what the vulnerability relied upon) and perform administrative duties and operate under UID:0.

    This is nothing like anything they ship.

    Pitbull is a line of products not one.
    Sorta... the .com pack and then Pitbull (LX for linux). They were using the .com pack for x86 Solaris.

    Quit being hellbent stubborn and take your own advice, go learn something about it.
    I have used their products for years and was a consultant on their NT line before it was sold off. What was the last Pitbull system you used?

    Pitbull is NOT an appliance, it is an extension for full featured systems that run on standard COTS hardware. (as is stated by their own release about it working with AIX, Solaris, and Linux) Appliances are limited in their functionality and require proprietary hardware.

    Pitbull is not a TOS, it uses TOS mechanisms placed on top of a standard operating system. Trusted system must have a reference monitor and the mandatory access controls are exactly that... they cannot be toggled.

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    I like M0n0wall, stick it on a piece of kit like the ones from Soekris, and you have a fine home firewall.

    For corp use, Cyberguard is great (at least i think it is) and OpenBSD makes a nice firewall if you are strapped for cash.
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