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    PCMac LAN

    greetings to all...

    how about this... i have a files in PC and i want to open it in my MAC, is there any software or hardware so that i can connect between PC and MAC?

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    Unfortunately, at this time because both Apple and Microsoft use proprietary systems the only way to share data between the two is by using the disabled person functionality. For the system you want to read from, enable the text to speech functionality and the speech to text functionality on the other system... the rest is quite obvious.

    Really pretty simple when you think about it.

    If the computers are not close enough, even with the volume all the way up... you may want to try this instead:




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    I think all he wants to do is open PC files on a MAC. What OS are your running on the PC and what kind of MAC and OS version are you using? What kind of files are you wanting to transfer? This will better help determine what you need to do.
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    am using Mac Tiger X OS and Windows 2000 and PSD, JPG, Tiff, and pic file...

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    You can try out the following:-

    1. Copy them using some external media like floppy drive or a USB disk.

    2. Copy them over ethernet using a cross cable.

    3. Copy them using the serial port.

    I don't have MAC , so don't get boiled if some of these suggestions look stupid
    to you .

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    Using a usb stick or something like that seems to be the best option to me. I don't know if using a crosscable works. If its just text you will be fine but i don't know about other types of files.
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