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Thread: 98SE Option Pack 1.0.1 Download

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    98SE Option Pack 1.0.1 Download

    For those still using...
    Damn... Windows 98 STILL has some legs.

    This Option Pack is the perfect partner to The 98SE unofficial service pack. It installs everything that the service pack does not. IE6, DirectX 9, WMP 7.1/9, and their updates. There are 2 version, one with web setups, and one with full setups. This is the full setup. It includes all of the updates from Windows Update, and some that are not available for Windows 98. This Option Pack will work on Windows 98, Windows 98SE, and Windows ME. ENGLISH EDITIONS ONLY! It uses the English editions of all updates.
    WinXPcentral - 98SE Option Pack 1.0.1

    |MG| Free Download - 98SE Option Pack 1.0.1

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    Ta for that.. HAve been useing the Unofficial SP1 kit for a while.. this just makes my job of keeping the OLD 98 boxes alive for another week easier

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    Thanks for the update, Egaladeist. Although I haven't been paying attention to my Win98 system lately, I occasionally go on and fool around with it. Use it for misc. purposes and experimental testing. I'm off to go download the option pack update now, so thanks!
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