Hello fellow members of AntiOnline.com I'm having a

promblem with my Red Hat 9 Linux box. Promblem is,

I am unable to surf the Internet. I'm able to ping

the loopback address ( and get a good

reply but I cannot ping by IP address (like

216.93.104.x) and also cannot ping by hostname

(like www.google.com) for example. When I try to

ping any host name I recieve this message,


unknown host
Now, when I ping by IP address (other than the

loopback address) I recieve this message, immediately

Network is unreachable
I'm also on a LAN at my home. I have "ADSL" for

Internet service and I have a 4 Port D-LINK

Ethernet Broadband router model DI-604 which uses

DHCP to assign IP addresses to PCs on my LAN.

Now, I'm not able to recieve an IP address from the router. (192.168.0.*) When I

do ifconfig it says IP address no IP

address is being assigned to the system from the router! I recieve a message from the system to "check cable"? So I did, and I even bought a brand new 15 ft Belkin 350mhz CAT5 cable for it today @ Walmart. But I still recieve same messages. Next I checked the PORTS on the DLINK router. I isolated the other PC (red hat box) from the LAN and I used my other PC (windows XP PRO) to check ALL ports on my router and they all got me online so I know my router ports are good. Next I un-installed and re-installed my Linksys NIC card from my PC and activited the NIC card through redhat-config-network it says active but I still am unable to surf the web or ping by IP address. When I try to go to any website it says
www.google.com cannot be found. Please check the name and try again.
For every website. I logged into my router checked the logs for the router, everythings good. I also ran the "cable test" which comes with DLINK checks out; Heres the pic it's PORT 4

Anyone have any ideas suggestions or fixes all help is greatly appreciated.