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Thread: Priest charged over bishop death

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    Priest charged over bishop death

    He had spent most of his working life in Kenya and thousands of people - including Kenyan leader Mwai Kibaki and Vatican envoys - attended his funeral.

    After initially linking his death to an ethnic feud, police now allege Bishop Locati was killed in a struggle for control of church funds.
    BBC NEWS | Africa | Priest charged over bishop death

    Deception, secrets, child molestation, plots, mayhem, greed and murder over church funds...Jesus would be so proud ( I apologize to the devoutly religious for my sarcasm...obviously you can't be held responsible for other people's behaviour ) the church is everything he had hoped it would be

    But...I think it's time the church started a little ' Security ' of it's own...like...Pre-Screening potential ( and existing ) priests, and background checks...whatever credibility it ever had as a moral voice is virtually non-existant.

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    Historically this is pretty much the modus operandi for the church RC or Protestant.

    Think of 'The Inquisition' in Monty Python or any Blackadder episode involving the church the ie The Baby-Eating-Bishop of Barthenwells.

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    The problem for the Church is that they technically cannot stop any guy from becoming a priest. This means that if a child-abusing SOB-wannabe-priest starts knocking on the Church door, they will let him in without a real background check. Any person who Worships the Almighty is welcomed in His house, no matter what crimes he has committed in the real world.
    It's no suprise that in the past, many villains tried to find refuge in the church. The church doesn't betray it's own people to the authorities. It's not much different from the Maffia in that regard. For the Church, justice is served in afterlife, not this one.

    I have a bit religious background and yes, I believe in some almighty power. But when I look at any organised religion, I just notice that those organisations are just serving some humans, not the Lord Almighty. That is wrong in my opinion.

    Of course, some religions are worse than others, but for me it doesn't matter. Any religious organisation that only serves man and not God should be banned. (Which probably means there will be none left...)

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