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Thread: Burger King Advertising

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    Burger King Advertising

    Someone didn't think too hard when they came up with the BK advertising
    THE LAUNCH of a Burger King web site has been blighted by a bad case of double entendre
    Someone was asking for trouble naming the site coqroq.com in the first place. However once it decided on that name the outfit should have been a bit more careful with the captions.
    Also some pictures of ladies with the caption,"groupies love coq"


    Also BK is being prodded by Slipknot's lawyer. Apparently Coq Rock have masks a bit like Slipknot and they're not happy about it.


    And they managed to spell Burger King wrong on the website (corrected now.)

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    lol, that site is complete baws, I've just lost 5 mins of my life because I decided to see just how bad it was :P


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