Actually, what I did to collect all those pictures was quite simple. I used my GMail account to subscribe for a Yahoo profile, then subscribed for several dozens of picture-trading groups. Then wrote my own mailreader that would read all incoming emails from this mailaccount and extract the images from these emails. Any image that would be smaller than a certain size (320x240 is the minimum) would then be discarded. And I would calculate a hash signature over the other pictures and store these signatures in a database to check for duplicate images. Duplicate images would be deleted too. Whatever wasn't discarded ended up in a single folder which I would then examine with Paint Shop Pro to delete the less interesting images.
What remains are those 590+ images. The remainder of an interesting experiment. (And something that is interesting enough to view, yet not something to get real excited about.)

There are pictures of me on that site but I keep them hidden.