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Whose effect likely to "deprave and corrupt" those who see it - who is to say what will corrupt people or how it will corrupt them. This was written in 1959 I think that people wear thinking a little different back then and laws need to change with the times I mean people say Violent video games causes people to be Violent so what dose Violent porn do to some one because this law is trying to stop people from behaving badly because of watching it.

Hurting your wallet i could agree with but hurting your morals I don’t think so. To me it sounds like your saying that some one who watches something controversial that they are morally wrong, how could you say that to some one that they are wrong because you don’t agree with it, you shouldn't be able to because ever one have different opinions and views of every thing. This law really seems like a church law and not a country law.

Just if any one was wondering I am not into violent porno, I am into freedom.

Hmm, interesting, so some peopel think it's OK to search for "analy raped faggots and girls being ass banged" is perfectly fine. But when they actually LOOK at it, they get corrupt??? Lol.