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Thread: When you need It ..DIY..

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    When you need It ..DIY..


    Many of us have thought "geez that million dollar piece of equipment is a little over priced.. I bet i could build one out of cheap off the shelf components".. Well I know I have.. RF Spectrum analysers made from dead tv's and vcrs, RF Sweep generators from the same equipment.. these with stability and accuracy enough for a hobbiest. How about Radio direction Finding (RDF) equipment? done.. even built a RADAR out of HAm 430Mhz radios..

    Now read what this vietnamese Doctor did out of a desperate need..


    In a poor country, what he did is special enough, he is working outside his vocation more credit worthy..

    What has this to do with hardware?
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    Here sir.. I mad this myselve..
    Now I'm gonna shove it up your colon...

    H'm dunno don't really feel so safe with DIY stuff inside my rectum !!
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    It would never work in the USA. You'd have to cover yourself
    against lawsuits, and that would jack the price back up to
    about $30,000.
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    Most of the cool hardware they use was developed by another doctor. Pretty cool the stuff they make.

    Now we have standards etc..etc.... I hope that material like the plastic he's using isn't a bad kind, or someone’s lymph nodes might start to swell with cancer.

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    Well, for all I care about it, he can just take that endoscope and stick it in someone's arse...

    I just hope he doesn't put it in someone's mouth afterwards...

    Shows how a simple idea can actually turn out to become very useful... Congratulations to this doctor for this simple idea...

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