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Thread: really stupid question

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    really stupid question

    Hey do any of you know how many ringtones you can download onto ur cell before you can't put anymore on it? or is there a limit as to how many u can have?
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    Depends how many kilobytes of memory you have, since ringtones are about 11 kb each some more some less, you should be able to put a decent amount on your cellphone, some cellphones may also have more memory, since they can hold short videos, voice messages, pictures etc....

    im sure it says in your owners manual how many memory slots you have


    ^ list of cellphone manufacturers to get a copy of your manual if you dont have one....
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    (c)opy(r)ight pretty much summed it up!
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    Well it depends on the memory of the celphone.

    If you happen to have a cell with some fixed no. of slots for ringtones its in the manual.
    If you have a cell with memory bu no expandability u can check out the size of each ringtone and manage accordingly.
    If u have a cell with memory expansion facility it can be any no. u like.
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    Hey Hey,

    Everyone has said something correct..

    My Old Nokia allowed for 10 ringtones... Even though it had memory still.. I could only add 10 of my own ringtones.

    Then I got my Motorola... it allowed for as many ring tons as memory would allow.. and it still used pretty crappy midi stuff so I could hold a lot

    My new samsung uses polyphonic ringtones and I can hold even less with it... even though I've got 4mb of memory on it.

    The newer MP3 ringtones take up even more space so you're limited there.

    The question is really what phone do you have and what do the manufacturers specs say. I honestly never heard someone concerned with filling their phone with ringtones before.

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