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    Talking Google Talk goes live?

    We've all heard the rumors that Google is going to be launching its IM service soon. The Los Angeles Times and CNN both have articles about it being announced some time tomorrow. Well this guy is claiming that he and anyone else with a GMail address/account can already login in with any Jabber Client. Supposedly, the server is I can't confirm this, I'm downloading Trillian right now, but he has a couple of screen shots that look pretty convincing.

    I'm on dialup and its slow, so sorry if someone else beats me to this

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    I just hope we can talk to AIM and ICQ people through the Google Messanger....if it's only google-goole users, im not even gonna consider using it. Join The Best Music Social Network Online. Music downloads, promotions, forums, profile, games etc...

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    well im glad to say that is live and is offeriung a google talk client for download
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    first impressions:
    light weight <1.0mb
    clean light interface. ugly graphics
    nice addres book feature like nokia phones.
    nothing fantastic though.
    yahoo still rocks.
    Initial emphasis seems to be on voice. we'll see how it turns out eventually. its only beta btw.
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    For those who are too lazy to cut&paste the link: click here:

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    Yeah.. using it now..

    It's nice to see them using open standards (jabber/XMPP)
    For the audio-chat (PCMA, PCMU, G.723, iLBC, ISAC, IPCMWB, EG711U, EG711A and in the future possibly speex) a lot of choises..

    If more of my friends would be using it (and with the linux and mac versions comming soon there should, this means I can finaly ditch MSN and Skype for good

    more info:
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    2 more things
    1. Google Talk currently does not encrypt chats or calls. But we are working hard to make many improvements to Google Talk while it is in beta, and we plan to fully support encryption of chats and calls before our official release.
    i can hear some people screaming bloody murder already
    2.We believe that you should have a choice in how you communicate with your friends, that you shouldn't have to use one service because that's where you keep your contacts and other information. We launched free auto-forwarding and POP access for Gmail so our users could take their messages with them and use any service they want, and we're committed to upholding this idea of user choice for Google Talk as well. Today, with instant communications, you can't talk to your contacts or buddies in one service while using another service. We hope to change that. We want to work with other willing service providers to enable their users to communicate directly with Google Talk users. And while we hope many people will use and like the Google Talk client, we're committed to making it as easy as possible for you to communicate with your friends using the client that you want--even if it doesn't happen to be ours. That's why we're also supporting open standards and the same protocol that clients such as Trillian, GAIM and iChat do.
    if they manage to pull this off ( although i cant see msn and yahoo co-operating) this might just be what we've all been waiting for.
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    I like how extremely minimal it is. There's no emoticons or anything like that. I hate emoticons.

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