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    I noticed Google Talk at Flickr as I was searching some images on chatting. I downloaded it with in no time and it seems good to me.

    All I can say about it is "There is no beauty like simplicity."

    - :S:
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    Originally posted here by SwordFish_13

    They Killed Windows 98
    So did Microsoft.

    Who want my addy?

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    Originally posted here by gore
    Who want my addy?
    I do.
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    it didnt work thru http port...
    Meu s癃io

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    I do gore ! i only have like 5 contacts.... Join The Best Music Social Network Online. Music downloads, promotions, forums, profile, games etc...

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    I do gore ! i only have like 5 contacts....
    How about mine ;

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    Hey Hey,

    I'm liking the look of it so far... Definately cleaner than MSN and AIM.... I'm for those of you wanting to add me.. Gore & Jinx, fire me over your gmail addies...

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