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Thread: TV out???

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    TV out???


    I have a laptop and i want to use my 29 " Television be my monitor. Is it possible??? Is there any software or hardware to be used?


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    Your video card has to have a TV out...

    Not sure...but you may be able to get an external device that may do the trick

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    Usually notebooks have a external VGA interface. You can use a RGB-RCA or RGB-Svideo converter to do the trick. However you need to test some because they can have very diferent resolutions....
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    I've heard that with a TV, the resoltion that you should use is quite low. A monitor is often made to display images with pretty high resolutions. I wonder if the TV signal will be able to give the same image quality since TV signals tend to be a much lower resolution. (720x480 or something like that, I think.)
    But if all you want to do is play a video on your laptop and view it on your TV, the quality should be good enough.

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