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Thread: Windows password auditing and recovery.

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    Windows password auditing and recovery.

    Hi all,
    checked this freeware utility for password auditing and recovery for Windows platform and found it quite useful according to its features.

    Main purpose of LCP program is user account passwords auditing and recovery in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. General features of this product:

    * Accounts information import:
    o import from local computer;
    o import from remote computer;
    o import from SAM file;
    o import from .LC file;
    o import from .LCS file;
    o import from PwDump file;
    o import from Sniff file;
    * Passwords recovery:
    o dictionary attack;
    o hybrid of dictionary and brute force attacks;
    o brute force attack;
    * Brute force session distribution:
    o sessions distribution;
    o sessions combining;
    * Hashes computing:
    o LM and NT hashes computing by password;
    o LM and NT response computing by password and server challenge.
    Source: http://www.lcpsoft.com/english/index.htm
    Download: http://www.lcpsoft.com/english/download.htm
    Comparison with LC5: http://www.lcpsoft.com/english/comparison.htm
    Paper on password auditing: http://www.lcpsoft.com/english/articles/passwords.htm
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    Is that a rip off of LC5 from @stake

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