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Thread: Alternate Windows User Interface

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    Question Alternate Windows User Interface

    gpedit.msc allows you to change the Windows UI...

    What other UI's are availabe for me to use? I've googled for a while, but I can't find anything.

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    LiteStep for one.
    GeoShell's another one that I hadn't heard of before.

    Aside from these, there are probably some other shells, and various hacks that will let you alter the appearance of Windows in some way.

    ShellFront seems to be a site up on this sort of thing.
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    wincustomize.com has alot of decent skinning resources however, not all of them free and not all of them very friendly on your system processor power - also you should find links to other sources on there.

    I only recently have stumbled upon "bb4win" - Blackbox for Windows. Basically - designed as a replacement to the Explorer shell, based on the original BB (*nix shell ) with slightly different coding for Windows (the source is actually C++ I think). Highly configurable and doesn't eat up your system resources like some of the other options you have from more "popular" skinning apps.

    Documentation, helpfiles, tutorials etc are a bit thin on the ground (unless I can't search properly) but if you search "bb4win" you should find enough to check it out. One thing - if you decide to try it... I recommend, from what I've read and done, using a shell switcher in case you find it's not for you. It will be a bit easier to switch back than undoing a full install. I use "ShellON" which is generally considered the one to go with. Also, there are other replacement shells if you fancy going the shell replacement route. I won't harp on about it though.... have a look.

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