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Thread: [Delphi] Just a question...

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    [Delphi] Just a question...

    Am I the only one here who uses Borland Delphi and is interested in this forum or are there more Delphi users here?

    Am just wondering what other Delphi users are thinking about the future of Delphi. Will this language survive for another decade or will it be pushed off from the market by Visual Studio and the many open-source languages?

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    Delphi is a dying breed I'm afraid, i do know some delphi users around here, Jack(has other usernames...) uses Delphi alot. Visual Studio is going to take over alot because cooperations useing it since they get nice support with it and deals from M$. It sucks, but thats the way it works; money talks, bullshit walks.

    I'm jumping ship to C#, might also get around to learning C++ one day who knows?
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    Hi Katja

    I used to use Delphi back in the days of 486's...........it is a fine system, but was mostly RDBMS back then. I would port to Access 2 and Excel after Delphi had done the "number crunching"

    My recommendation would be to stick with Delphi, but look at what you might want to convert it to....learn that and you will make a fortune

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    I'm a Pascal hacker, from the days of DOS.

    Object Pascal may survive, but I'm afraid Delphi is dying . The move to BDS has cluttered everything up(IDE, documentation, ect.). The last thing I want to do is learn more languages, and .NET holds no appeal to me.

    Delphi 7 Enterprise will be my last Borland product, if the trends continue. Microsoft has stolen the momentum and is setting the agenda.

    I will keep using Delphi though, when I move to Win64, I plan to go pure C/C++.
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