Greetings people!

Im creating a site wich like many other amateur sites uses LinksCaffe for submiting links, the thing is that, i dont whant to submit links..i mean, i whant to submit files, it fits the same..htp:// it opens..but the thing is that, i whant it to "open" the file as normal (like when u click on a link on anyother page, and the option to save appears) without opening another window or in the same window go to a blank page when the option appears..i think u guys understand what i mean.

Here is the code that controls that (i think)
echo " <font class=text10><b><a target=_blank href='http://$siteurl/links.php?action=rated&link_id=$link_id'>$link_name</b></a></font><br>";
What i whanted is simple, click on the link, and the site remains the same and the option to save appears, whitout having other window open or go to a blank page..

If anyone could help..

Cheers ppl