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Thread: Windows Update won't install

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    Windows Update won't install

    Windows Update won't let me install the updates that I already downloaded.

    any suggestions ?

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    How, what error do you get ? Are you admin on the machine ? What Windows ?
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    get a carpenter
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    It is with the greatest forebearance that I do not neg you Noia

    get a carpenter
    You should have said a glasier ..................probably "glazier" in American

    isle_of_infamy it would help if you told us what version of Windows

    Also, please get this and run it................it is the best tool I know for checking the status of your Windows upgrades..............


    Good luck

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    Darn, I guess you'll just have to change operating systems

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    I don't know if this will help but I have Win 98SE and the file you mention (msscript.ocx) is not installed on my machine according to Start/ Find and I am fully up-dated. That would suggest that it is not a missing System file. I can only suggest that you try and repair IE by going to Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Information/ Tools and run the first program in the drop down box, i.e. the Internet Explorer Repair Tool.
    This worked for work collegue on 98SE

    or you could try :

    Windows bought and paid for?

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    Apparently you have not read this:

    Read it then ask the magic 8 ball your question again.

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    just try again from the very beginning of downloading and read the instructions carefully....

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    I am running windows 2000 and i get this error "Failed Updates
    For help installing an update successfully, see the solution under each problem description."

    Problem: "A problem on your computer is preventing updates from being downloaded or installed
    Solution: To fix the problem, try installing the updates again. "

    here is a screen shot:

    log file says: WU client failed installing updates with error 0x80240020

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    Your login may not have local admin authority, so the updates would not install. If you account does have local admin authority, you may want to check that your anti-virus real-time service is not running during the installation.

    Chances are it is something simple and silly like that.

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