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Thread: Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

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    Yea I know of a real good one. Its called bartpe. It can be found at www.nu2nu/pebuilder
    The link was dead when I clicked it but o well, thanks anywayz..... I have been unfortunate enough to catch the flu.... im hoping I can sleep it off before classes start tomorrow

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    my bad i forgot a dot. its http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder

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    That link worked fine..... Thanks Sounds like what I was looking for..... When I get a chance to tinker with it.... I will try to post the results on here somewhere...... Looks like it will work great though..... The main reason I wanted a NT boot is to remove malware and spyware before the windows layer because I have seen some nasty bugs going around that get past alot of Virii scanners, Spy bot, and Adaware...... And the only way to remove them is to get to a command prompt.... ive seen infections that even got the windows xp safe mode(command prompt).


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    I found on the site that it is for windows XP. i know that i am staying behind in the evolution of operating systems but i still run a windows 98 machine. I know that this is a problem because most new programs are writen for Xp only. My question to you is: Does any of you know where i could find the 98 version or was that never made?
    i thank you in advance.
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