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Thread: Tracking Down a Cell Phone Thief

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    Tracking Down a Cell Phone Thief

    Last Saturday, MoDaCo (the world's largest smartphone community) held a get-together for their forum members. Unfortunately the positive community spirit was soured by an individual who decided to steal one of the charity raffle prizes - a C550 mobile phone.
    Initially it seemed like there was little I could do to help. The SPV-Services server was not programmed to log the IMEI numbers of it's users. It seemed like a dead end, until I remembered something . . .

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    nice, yea like stealing a computer, than loggin onto the companies network you stole it from .. not very smart

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    interesting little read.. and quite funny too :-) What was this guy hoping to accomplish by stealing the phone...simply acquiring a free phone?


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    That was an interesting read. I could see myself telling that story to my future children to lull them to sleep. I love the moral.
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