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Thread: How to join the open source work?

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    How to join the open source work?

    Hi all,

    Well, I know how the open source community works ... that I develop something and put that on the INternet, others contribute to it and the thing is distributed online in binary or source formats.

    Now, I want to join some open source project. I have decided to join the KDE development project. I may not be able to contribute to the code immediately and I will need my time to be able to do my things... but at least I will have something to learn and produce some usable code as I progress.

    However the thing is that there is no link on any of the open soucre projects including ubuntu, KDE and GNOME which allow me to be a part of them directly. Of course, ubuntu seems to be a bit more difficult to join at first but I want to have some experience in this, and develop something. please provide me a way to be able to join the KDE project.
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    go here:


    right at the bottom, there is a link

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