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Thread: IE to Get Anti_Phishing Tool

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    IE to Get Anti_Phishing Tool

    That's right folks. The fine people at MS are going to add the anti-phishing toolbar that is only available in IE7 currently into older versions of the browser. Think for a second what this means. For those who are slow on the uptake, it means that MS will be comparing all your web traffic against *their* white/black lists. Anyway, which is the lesser of two evils?

    Full story here:

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    Nothing like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Or plagerising anothers work and useing your market dominance to steel someone elses thunder.
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    /me looks at the pictures in his web cache.

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    Allready have such a thing in my IE6 at work (when I use it)..

    The (/me opens IE for first time today) Netcraft toolbar to be precise !!
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    Does it keep the LUser from clicking the hyperlink to update his bank account information?
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