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Thread: How Does Your Personal Firewall Rate?

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    How Does Your Personal Firewall Rate?

    You'll either sing or cry after reading this report. Though I can't tell you how I know, trust me when I say that the results are *highly* accurate .

    Also, this is a VERY good read because it goes into detail exactly how a windows networking stack works.


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    It was indeed a good read. It also goes some way to explaning why after some cleanups users have problems connecting to the net. Tcp/ip and Lsp stack getting fuxOred
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    Good info..

    That'll help me debunk more salestalk(r) when meeting with the salesmen once again..
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    I read something along these lines before @ security focus.

    However, at the moment, looks like their site is fux0rd.

    Sorry, the database is currently unavailable, please try your request again shortly
    Or, when the DB is finally up again... check

    Software Firewalls: Made of Straw?

    Ok... well, maybe the DB error is off and on. Now I can get to them. /shrug
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    As to the XP Firewall, is anyone suprised? wsock32.dll ring a bell? I just love and HATE DCOM.

    I was suprised to see any firewall pass the LSP Insertion test.

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