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Thread: At my wits end....

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    At my wits end....

    Here's my problem,

    I have, in my main PC, 2 Hard Drives. One for storage and one that holds the Operating System, programs, and such. The problem is with my storage drive...

    I hold all my MP3's on the storage drive on a single FAT32 Partition and play them from that location. Sometimes for no apparent reason the music turns into compete jibberish. Like all this obfusicated noise will come out instead. Shortly after this happening the Hard Drive usually dies. (Like literally it will say all the data is corrupt when I try to access the drive).

    I've gone through 3 HDs with this happening 'only' on the slave drives?

    I've tried replacing the IDE cables, the hard drive itself with a different one and then moving all the data to it, a virus scan, a drive integrity scan (which comes up ok), and changing the partition type to NTFS.

    Is it possible that the motherboard could be the problem?

    I'm at a complete loss here, and would really appreciate the help!
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    Well...if you have gone through 3 harddrives....YEAH...you got some other hardware issues??

    Probably power......

    or you are damaging the drives on install with static...or something

    You have the drive slaved ...on the same controller as the boot drive...or on the other controller??

    and...fat 32????

    Use NTFS

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    OMG..............we need more friend. What are all your specs?

    Could be:

    1. Power supply
    2. MoBo
    3. Malware?
    4. Temperature

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    just to confirm :

    It only happens to the SLAVE HDD ??

    is it after the 'same' amount of time that the HDD dies ?
    Is the Master HDD OK ? STILL ?
    Do you place the slave in the same cage as the master ? [that is, it isn't just 'dropped' into the case]
    Is the slave fixed as per the Master ?

    I'm thinking along the lines of static / power surge .................
    Is the power cord Earth wire 'good' ? can you prove the continuity ?
    No Earth, and the slave in a different set up to the master, can cause problems, diferent probs in diferent areas .............
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