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Thread: Googlenet Around the Corner ?

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    Googlenet Around the Corner ?

    This is speculation, but not out of the question . . .

    A trail of hidden clues suggests Google is building its own Internet -- and might be looking to let everyone connect for free.
    For the past year, it has quietly been shopping for miles and miles of "dark," or unused, fiber-optic cable across the country from wholesalers such as New York’s AboveNet. It's also acquiring superfast connections from Cogent Communications and WilTel, among others, between East Coast cities including Atlanta, Miami, and New York.,00.html
    Free Wi-Fi? Get Ready for GoogleNet :: By Om Malik

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    World Domination by Google Doesn't even sound bad....what i would give to work for them. Join The Best Music Social Network Online. Music downloads, promotions, forums, profile, games etc...

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    I'd divorce you for the chance to work for them.

    But yes, it's going to happen.

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    Wi-Fi Googlenet - Kat
    rina!!! No worries

    (stop single line posts )
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    Pfft. Canadians.

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    Google is rich now. I wish i could have got in on their IPO! anyway i like Google i say go for it lol
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    I read a rumor a while back that Google was building it's own Linux based OS.

    I never heard anymore about it but these stories do seem to appear regarding Google every once in a while.

    Hmm someone needs to check the major shareholders just in case there is a Mr. Bloefelt or a Dr. Evil working there.

    Lots of other links but you it.

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