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Thread: Windows End of Life

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    Windows End of Life

    OK after looking over the pages about it the damned things wouldn't load saying it couldn't get found.

    OK, I'm just wondering when The end of life times are for Windows products.

    On Windows 98 SE, I can use Windows update no problem and it works fine and downloads them. On Windows 2000, same thing. When do these actually stop being supported.

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    Hey, I was looking on MS.com trying to find an answer to your question and i didnt find an definate one but, i do have an educated guess lol I would say that they stop support for a certain product after 7-8 years of life. My reasoning to this is that win 95' isnt supported anymore and NT 4.0 stopped being supported last year. also, im not sure but i would guess that the first version on win 98' is on its last legs too... anyway thats my 2 cents.
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    Official support for Windows 98SE has already been discontinued. I don't know how long they intend to keep the update service running.

    Windows 98SE was released in 1999, so it would seem Microsoft only feels liable for about 5 years.
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    If you are looking for details on "end of life" dates you can use THIS PAGE from Microsoft to find out.

    You just fill in the name of the product (like Windows 98 se or Windows 2000) and you get the full details about support

    For Windows 2000 products the mainstream support stopped on 6/30/2005 and extended support retires on 6/30/2010

    Paid incident support is now available through June 30, 2006. Extended hotfix support for Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition ended on June 30, 2003. Extended hotfix support for Windows Millennium Edition ended on December 31, 2003. Online self-help support will continue to be available until at least June 30, 2007.
    As you can see in this part of the text when you use the tool is, when your company pays for support on Windows 98 se they'll get support through June 30, 2006.

    A more detailed report for Windows 98 se extended support can be found HERE .

    More info on Microsofts "Lifecycle policies" can be found HERE

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi Gore

    Microsoft have had to bow to overseas legislation. In Europe, significant products have to be supported for 10 years. What that means is being capable of functioning as purchased.

    So, security and bug fixes would be included, but no enhanced functionality. The security and bug fixes cover the product performing "as sold/as purchased", and being "fit for purpose/of merchantable quality"

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