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Thread: What do you prefer To use as a naming scheme for your network?

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    Whatever you do, UAnimosity, don't try to be funny. I set up a simple domain for a doctors office and his remote office. I named the domain Human. The servers were named after viruses/diseases, the workstations after organs.

    After all was said and done, a network tech was running through the exchange logs for something and noticed that userx had logged into hiv and was not the primary user. (or something to that effect)

    Anyway, the Doctor was not happy about the server name. I had to rename all the servers and workstations. At least I got to keep the domain name.

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    You can use the last two octets of the IP address. Makes it easy and since you have to remember them anyway.....what the heck.

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    interesting naming schemes, especailly that shakespeare one, i thought that was quite well done.

    MOst organizations i know dont really a sense of humour when it comes to their network. they're a buisness enviroment and dont really want humour clouding your tasks.

    Still, it was a nice try.

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    I like famous guitar players, and pink floyd songs. Keeps me chucklin.
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    I usually use elements for the workstations (oxygen,nitrogen) and scientists for the servers ( einstein, newton)

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    what we used at my old gov't job was pretty much like what TechGrunt said.

    First two-four are city, second two are state, next three describe the machines function, last three are digits because of how many of each machine we had.



    sf = san francisco
    ca = california
    snf = server, novell, file
    001 = the first of these machines in the SF location

    this scaled to huge proportions... the network had over 2 million machines (servers, workstations and "others") on it

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    I've seen many places do exactly what TechGrunt and Lv4 described.

    Star Trek names (Laforge, picard, enterprise, voyager)...then they get into clustered systems...Riker01 Riker02, etc. It get's ugly. Then, you can see the corporate mentailty shift as they start a uniform standard that helps categorize devices and locales.
    UNYCOS001 < Unix, New York, Corporate site, Server #001
    WNYCOW015 < Windows, New York, Corporate site,Workstation #015
    WNYCON095 < Windows, New York, Corporate site, Notebook #095

    While it works, if you know the code, it's ugly. I personally like theme's, such as catch and others have mentioned. Great thinkers, artists, musicians...I have a friend who has the horsemen of the apocalypse on his home network...what ever you like.

    I would prefer not to see smtpmail1, exchange04, oradb, etc. in server names...but using a letter or two to help a group of employees quickly recognize the function is probably fine. It leaves less to the imagination though.
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