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Thread: Linux Installation

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    Exclamation Linux Installation

    My problem clearly stated (almost), is placed in the following in BOLD:

    I have a COMPAQ Presario 2200 that came out not long ago.
    It came with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.
    Hardware: builtin WiFi, CD-RW/DVD-ROM, 2 USB ports, modem, phone jack, Ethernet port.

    I have attempted to install several versions of Red Hat Linux (6.1, 7.1, 7.2, 8.0), which installation is 'sucessful'.

    So this is when I reboot my computer... then a problem ocurs, dealing with pcmcia at boot time.
    In the file system, pcmcia is found in /etc. But notice above on the first line, I said "clearly stated (almost)...

    I am not sure exactly what is wrong, but I can say that when I boot Linux, especially on Redhat 6.1, I get nowhere. On 6.1 I left my computer on all night, woke up and it was still at pcmcia. You know when you boot with LILO, and all the hardware and system setup is taking place and you have the ' [OK] '... well it stopped at pcmia, I'm not getting an error on 6.1, but on 7.1 and up I don't remember EXACTLY what it was letter for letter, but it involved some "IDE BUS pcmcia"... any hints or ideas?

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    If you type "linux single" at the LILO prompt, it should go ahead and
    boot into single user mode. From there you can disable pcmcia from
    trying to load.

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