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Thread: Free Opera Registration Code (Legal Download)

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    Free Opera Registration Code (Legal Download)

    To celebrate their 10th bday Opera is giving away free registration codes for their web browser.

    For those people who over looked Opera when moving away from IE its like Firefox but with my 2 favourite extensions as standard.....mouse gestures and tabbed browsing

    It supports all the usual stuff as well skins etc - infact the only thing I've heard that stopped people from using it over Firefox was the fact it had a small ad banner in top right - but now with free codes that is gone!

    Try it yourself


    and to download Opera use this link


    (a webmaster friend of mine is an Opera affiliate - thats his link, be nice and download from it so he gets the referal!)

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    I agree with the positive review of Opera. It's the only browser I use, and I love it. Tried the Firefox mouse-gestures plugin, but couldn't get it to work the same. Plus, with IRC built in, I can have lots of functionality at my fingertips.

    So I sound like a commercial...sue me.
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