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Thread: First serious outbreak of a mobile-phone virus in a company

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    First serious outbreak of a mobile-phone virus in a company

    Damn viruses, dopey users . . .

    F-Secure security expert Patrick Runald said Tuesday that an outbreak of the Commwarrior.B virus occured at an unnamed Scandinavian company last Wednesday.
    Commwarrior targets mobile phones that use the Symbian Series 60 operating system, and the bug spreads using Bluetooth and multimedia messaging technology, or MMS.
    One of the employees at the company in question apparently received Commwarrior.B via, and then activated it by opening the program. "The virus then sent itself to every address in the address book; it was opened by more employees, who activated it, and it spread," Runald said.

    Warnings that the messages did not come from a secure source were apparently ignored by employees.
    CNet.com :: August 31, 2005, 7:30 AM PDT

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    The cellphones are now-a-days small computers and virus for them can cause havoc. Well the best way to protect urself is to keep ur bluetooths off and accept data from trusted people only. I dont know much about this virus but if it acts like a trojan by attaching itself with any data being sent it can cause a lot of damage.
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