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    T3h Ch3F
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    Would it be possible to remove from the 'Website Status' section on the front page, the 'Close To Being Banned:' section, and replace it with the '10 Newest Members


    Not to be too cynical but at this point, the ten newest members would be the same as the banned list.

    I think it would be better to have a "10 Newest Proxie List".

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    In And Above Man Black Cluster's Avatar
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    Not necessarily, Galdron. Some of them get banned even before finding a place in that list.

    Seriously, such words won't encourage n00bs to post here, we have be more polite and less offensive. We need them, really. Behave seniros, behave....
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    I actually find it well defined on how we should treat new members:

    Productive = Greens

    Asshat = Negs

    Richard Cranium = Banned

    ***Personal interpretation of the definitions above is authorized to avoid gray areas.

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    Hm.. very useful forum
    I've just joined and already start to like it
    So many good ideas
    thanks guys!

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