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Thread: Username format?

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    I don't just seems to me that you are adding additional administrative work for yourself.

    If you are going to come up with a naming convention, like HRFC1411 (Human Resources File Clerk + Last 4 of SSN), and then tie it to, you're not creating any less work, because when Betty marries Chef Boyardee, you'll be changing the email address to!

    I don't know what server OS you are using, but I use Windows 2003 strictly as a domain controller, and I have a Exchange Server that is a member of the domain. All of my logins are structured as follows:

    That way, I only have to change an account 1 time and it changes all of them. For my legacy systems, they use first initial, middle initial, last initial, last 4 of SSN (or month and year of birth...I don't make use of even the last 4 mandatory).

    In the case of duplicates (people with the same first/last) I go by tenure...

    i.e.: I have two employees named Orville Redenbacher. I pull the personnel file on them both. The one that was hired first is The other one gets his middle name used:

    I also have a policy on name changes...I don't do them unless it is a Legal Name change. So when Ott down in accounting wants me to change his name from to Ott.Spunkmeyer...I say "What's the name on your Social Security Card, cuz' that's the name I'm using, bro!
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    Re: Username format?

    Originally posted here by mrlucifer
    hello people, quick question. I was wondering what was your favorite username format to use as a network administrator at a business. We are going through major transistions in our internal network and I am looking for a new way to identify users through the network and company. I really don't want to use first and last names because we are constantly having to change usernames due to name changes. I was thinking about this format:

    Birthday 01/02/2005 SS#123-56-7890


    What do you think?
    FIRST INITIAL-LAST INITIAL [dept or # sign] year of birth

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    awesome feedback. Hands down, I think I am going to stick with the day of birth and the last 4 characters of the Social Security. Its easy and unique and discreet. I can easily standarized this username across many systems and easily tie it a smart card. The department thing wouldnt work because I have many users that work in many departments. Lastname initials and firstname initials would be a big hassle because we get many request for last name changes. and the whole email username would not work at all because most of our systems have a 8 character limit length. no worky. One thing we do enforce is a 10 character password. People really hate that. lol Thanks guys for all the info. More feedback is appreciated. ***I still can't believe my school made my user id as my SS!" sh*t and i didn't even notice it.

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